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Sure. Just click the x next to the item in your cart to delete or you can change the quantities and then update your cart.

  1. Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  2. PayPal. PayPal is an extremely secure form of online payment. Visit PayPal.com to create an account. At checkout a paypal button will be available as a payment option. 
  3. Corporate purchase orders may be accepted. Please email or fax in your PO to: [email protected] or 719-362-3987
  4. PHONE!  We are a small business so we are not open 24/7 but when we are here we are more than happy to help and take an order over the phone 1-800-550-1278 (Mon-Fri 8-4:30pm mountain time)

Yes. After placing your order, you will be able to print a copy of the order form that includes your order number. Also, if you provide a full e-mail address, you will receive an order confirmation sent to your email.

To help combat credit card fraud, the Billing Address must match the mailing address for the credit card you're using. Otherwise, your credit card will be declined, and order processing will likely be delayed.  That doesn't mean anything will be mailed to that address (unless requested).